October 2, 2018: COLLAGEN INDUCTION WITH PLATELET RICH PLASMA (PRP) epi nouvelle+ naturelle as part of the standard treatment protocol

A study with epi nouvelle+ naturelle for effective post-treatment in collagen induction with PRP (Microneedling introduction) in 10 different regions of face and neck revealed: Immediately after the 30-minute application, redness and swelling were clearly decreasing.

A few hours after treatment, the skin recovered in 9 out of 10 areas and redness was completely reduced.

All patients responded consistently very positive to the cooling of the treated areas by the aftercare.


September 18,.2018: Here you find the latest publication on epi nouvelle+ naturelle from the journal Aesthetic Dermatology Issue 05/2018 (September).

Click here for the publication.


Here you will find a wonderful article of the newspaper DIE WELT about JeNaCell. Content is the rapid growth and exciting activities in the different markets.

Enjoy reading.

The online version can be found here: https://lnkd.in/gMXnk7C

JeNaCell Die Welt 29.05.2018

January 31, 2018: The latest issue of Chemistry World features a very, very exciting article about JeNaCell.

The focus is on the development of the company, further growth and the epi nouvelle+ naturelle and epicite+ product lines.

Enjoy it.

Read here the article from the Chemistry World.


January 18, 2018: The newspaper OTZ reported on yesterday's visit by the prime minister to our office.

It was a great honor for us to welcome Mr. Ramelow and introduce JeNaCell personally with epi nouvelle + naturelle.

Read here the article "Wo Millionen Bakterien für Bio-Wundverband sorgen"


December 21, 2017: In the last journal Ästhetische Dermatologie of 2017 is a very interestent interview with Dr. Runnebaum und Dr. Rezai published. The two experts speak about their positive experience with epi nouvelle+ naturelle in the aftertreatment of their patience.

Here you can find the full expert-interview.


December 20,2017: In the TLZ is an article about our reception at Jena's mayor Albrecht Schröter appeared on the occasion of our victory at Falling Walls Venture.

Here is the link to the article


December 12, 2017: After our grand victory at Falling Walls Venture, there was a readable publication on our acquired title "Science Start-Up of the Year 2017" in the November-issue of Ästhetische Dermatologie.

Here is the article "Science Start-Up of the Year"

December 12, 2017: In the journal Ästhetische Dermatologie 7/2017 is a great report by Dr. med. Ev-Charlott Walter appeared on the supporting effect of epi nouvelle+ naturelle in minimally invasive procedures.

We are proud of the great feedback and find the article is very worth reading.

You can read here the complete report.


November 14, 2017: In the OTZ at the 14.11.2017 is an article about our incredible win by the Falling Walls Venture in Berlin.

Click here and read more

September 4, 2017: In the Ästhetische Dermatologie is an aticle about epi nouvelle+ naturelle and laser treatment in the praxis from Dr. Moers-Carpi. 

Read here more about the article


March 24, 2017: In the context of an interview, Prof. Vanscheidt (Dermatology Freiburg) and Dr. Baetge (Nuremberg Clinic for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) have been working on new and promising pathways for the after-treatment of dermatological interventions. JeNaCell was praised here.

We find: very readable!

Click to read the interview free of charge.


January 10, 2017: In the actual issue of the magazine aesthetic dermatology appeared a very exciting article on the subject at Rosazea.

Read more: results with rosacea, aesthetic dermatology

November 17, 2016: The VDI news has written in a comprehensive article about JeNaCell. Read more here.

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17. Oktober 2016: Die Ostthüringer Zeitung (OTZ) schrieb in der Ausgabe vom 17.10.2016 in einem sehr umfangreichen Artikel über die positive Entwicklung bei JeNaCell und die spannende Perspektive. 

Read more: OTZ: Gegen Falten und Brandwunden

In der Oktoberausgabe der Fachzeitschift Ästhetische Dermatologie erhielt JeNaCell große Aufmerksamkeit.

Read more: Ästethische Dermatologie

17. Oktober 2016: Das Magazin WIRTSCHAFT+MARKT, ist das einzige Wirtschafts- und Unternehmermagazin, das seit nunmehr 25 Jahren vorrangig in den neuen Bundesländern und Berlin erscheint.

WIRTSCHAFT+MARKT berichtet in sechs Sonderheften über perspektivreiche Branchen und Cluster in den ostdeutschen Bundesländern. Im Fokus dieser Berichterstattung stehen auch erfolgreiche Unternehmen, die in diesen Branchen und Clustern wirken.

JeNaCell stand mit im Fokus der Redaktion.


12. September 2016: Am 07. September 2016 veröffentlichte das unabhängige Verlagshaus Mediaplanet die crossmediale Sonderausgabe „Plastische Chirurgie – Ästhetische Dermatologie" in der Gesamtausgabe der Tageszeitung DIE WELT.

JeNaCell war Teil der Kampagne.

Read more: DIE WELT: „Plastische Chirurgie – Ästhetische Dermatologie"

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JeNaCell stands for innovative biomaterials

The production is based on a unique technology for continuous production of high-performance fine-structured biomaterials. Benefit from the exceptional material properties:

  • biotechnological production process
  • pure cellulose
  • mechanical stability
  • thermal stability up to 350°C
  • liquid absorption and retention capacity
  • biocompatibility
  • moisture content control
  • skin-friendly and soft interface
  • flexibility
  • material properties and form can be controlled during biosynthesis


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