25.01.2019 The EYE MASK by epi nouvelle+ naturelle is wonderfully suited for the aftertreatment of plasma treatments.

Patients are faster fit again and have a shorter downtime.

Dr. Hiepe-Wegener: "The regeneration with epi nouvelle+ naturelle masks after upper and lower lid tightening with plasma technology is in our practice

now an integral part of a complete and professional care of the patient. "

Published in Aesthetic Dermatology. The whole post is linked in the picture.


16.01.2019 epi nouvelle + naturelle was awarded the standard post-treatment at Vampirlifting.

After collagen induction with PRP (Microneedling introduction) the skin is reddened and stressed.

Already after a 30-minute application, a significant reduction was noted.

We are very happy and proud.


On 06.12. until 09.12 we were at the 14th International Live Surgery Symposium for Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgery in Frankfurt.

We are glad that we could be part of this successful event and look forward to seeing you again in two years.

Many thanks to the organization and all participants. We have had many good and interesting conversations.



October 2, 2018: COLLAGEN INDUCTION WITH PLATELET RICH PLASMA (PRP) epi nouvelle+ naturelle as part of the standard treatment protocol

A study with epi nouvelle+ naturelle for effective post-treatment in collagen induction with PRP (Microneedling introduction) in 10 different regions of face and neck revealed: Immediately after the 30-minute application, redness and swelling were clearly decreasing.

A few hours after treatment, the skin recovered in 9 out of 10 areas and redness was completely reduced.

All patients responded consistently very positive to the cooling of the treated areas by the aftercare.


September 18,.2018: Here you find the latest publication on epi nouvelle+ naturelle from the journal Aesthetic Dermatology Issue 05/2018 (September).

Click here for the publication.


03.09.2018 Member of the Bundestag Johannes Selle and the future Finance Director of Jena Benjamin Koppe visited us yesterday.

It's been nearly a year since JeNaCell became the Science Start Up of 2017 at Falling Walls.
 Mr. Selle looked at the current development and new achievements. An exciting conversation and a very excited morning.


July 4, 2018: Dr. Kors, Weißensee Skin Center uses epi nouvelle+ naturelle for tattoo removal for a pleasant and quick aftercare.

Here you will find the entire publication.


June 12, 2018: With Cynosure we had an inspiring hands-on workshop, 09.06.2018 in Dusseldorf!

Fascinating live treatments from a great team and an innovative atmosphere - ideal conditions for an extensive exchange.

We are happy about the successful and very harmonious cooperation.



May 30, 2018: Yesterday there was a very good article in DIE WELT about JeNaCell.

Enjoy reading.

The online version can be found here: https://lnkd.in/gMXnk7C

JeNaCell Die Welt 29.05.2018

April 11, 2018: We are proud to announce that JeNaCell is participating at a meeting of the CANCER research network which combines the expertise of leading research groups and industrial participants from Europe.

PD Dr. Dana Kralisch is representing JeNaCell at the kick-of meeting regarding cancer immune therapy and the convalescence of patients after cancer operations.

JeNaCell is and further will develop equipment for monitoring immunotherapy progression. We are happy to introduce our work and are determined to present new, valuable results.


link to homepage of CANCER nemi



March 26, 2018:We are very pleased to present you the latest sensational results by epi nouvelle+ naturelle.

After just 45 minutes you can see the post-treatment outcome following a combined treatment with microdermabrasion and an ACNE-peeling.

The pictures were shared by the terrific dermatological practice at the Savignyplatz, by Dr. med. Ev-Charlott Walter. Thank you very much!

Here is the link to the Homepage from "Dermatologie am Savignyplatz, Dr. med. Ev-Charlott Walter" 

Get here more informations about the FACIAL MASK from epi nouvelle+ naturelle


March 11, 2018: The congress dermatological practice in Frankenthal was a great event.

So much positive feedback, familiar and new faces and wonderful contacts. Here are a few impressions from our great workshop with PD Dr. med. Gauglitz.


March 8, 2018: More great news from Finland.

Here you find the current article of our partner Innova Medical Oy.

What a great result. We are looking forward to our next steps!

We wish you: Kaikki parhaat ja menestys!


February 26, 2018: Last week we were part of the congress of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, SEME. We accompanied our wonderful partner Medicalio.

It was a very, very productive atmosphere. It's amazing how popular and successful epi nouvelle+ naturelle is in Spain.

On Friday epi nouvelle+ naturelle was the topic in the workshop of Dr. Cesar Arroyo MD. We were very happy about that. We are looking forward to the further development.


February 19, 2018: Did you know that the FACIAL MASK feels wonderfully comfortable on the skin?

It's just pure regeneration. Relax with epi nouvelle+ naturelle after a stressful day. epi nouvelle+ naturelle is also the perfect care after dermatological treatments. Our FACIAL MASK has been made extra large. So, the whole face will get supported after a treatment. No area is left out. Our FACIAL MASK adapts easily to the face. It is just very comfortable to wear on the skin.

The FACIAL MASK by epi nouvelle+ naturelle is very successful at post-treatment of fractionated laser treatments, microneedling or photodynamic therapy and many others.

epi nouvelle+ naturelle Homepage


January 26, 2018: It was a very successful and exciting year 2017 for JeNaCell with epi nouvelle + naturelle. We were at symposiums, workshops, very often at our local partners and successful in competitions.

The premium line epi nouvelle + naturelle has been awarded the title "Product of the Year 2016".

In November, the global title at Falling Walls followed for the "Science Start-Up of the Year 2017". We are still very proud of this important award.

The most recent title JeNaCell received with epi nouvelle + naturelle is now "Company of the year 2017".

We appreciate the awards and thanks for our work and products. We are very proud of our achievements and we are curious to see what the year 2018 will bring.

Here is the link to our homepage: www.epi-nouvelle.de


January 18, 2018: On 17.01.2018, the Thuringian Prime Minister visited JeNaCell at the Beutenbergcampus. Bodo Ramelow wanted to convince himself of the excellent work and the great development.

The Prime Minister also congratulates us on the global title of "Science Start-Up of the Year 2017". It is a great pleasure and honor for us to have won the title for the Free State of Thuringia. The promotion of knowledge and its transfer from universities to industry is simply excellent. We also want to continue to bring success to Jena - Lichtstadt and the Free State of Thuringia.

We are very happy about the visit. It was an extraordinary day for JeNaCell and the entire team.

Here you can find more infomations:

Read here the TLZ article

See here the report from JenaTV


January 4, 2018: Jena's Mayor Albrecht Schröter congratulated the representatives of JeNaCell Dana Kralisch and Georg Machnik on the excellent development of the company and the victory at Falling Walls.

The global title "Science Start Up of the Year 2017" went to Jena and is an honor and appreciation of the work done here.

Our team is very happy about the thanks of the Lord Mayor.

Here is a medial overview:

Here the link to Thüringische Landeszeitung

Here the link to Homepage of city Jena

Here the link to JenaTV



January 3, 2018: In the journal Aesthetic Dermatology is a very worth reading interview by Dr. med. Runnebaum and Dr. Rezai has been published.
The two experts talk about effective post-treatment with epi nouvelle + naturelle.

We are very happy about this positive feedback.

 Here you can read the article.


December 14, 2017: In the city, the Christmas markets spread their Christmas scent of mulled wine and gingerbread. We are in a festive mood and enjoy the pre-Christmas season to the fullest. 

The most beautiful is the taste of Feuerzangenbowle. We enjoy the lighting and dipping of the sugar loaf. The combination of caramelized sugar, strong wine and smoky rum create a wonderful taste, a treat. That's why we have a great recipe for you for a Feuerzangenbowle. The recipe is enough for 8 servings and is ready to drink in 15 minutes.


1 orange, (untreated)
1 lemon, (untreated)
2 cinnamon sticks
4 capsules of star anise
2 cloves
2 dry red wine
375 ml rum, (54%)
1 sugarloaf, (250 g)


Peel the lemon and orange thinly. Squeeze juice and pour through a sieve into a saucepan. Add bowls, cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves and red wine. Heat everything, but do not boil. Heat the rum lightly.
Put a sugar loaf over the pot on the fire tongs, drizzle with some rum and light. Before extinguishing the flame, add a ladle to the rum. Serve the Feuerzangenbowle in punch glasses.


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JeNaCell stands for innovative biomaterials

The production is based on a unique technology for continuous production of high-performance fine-structured biomaterials. Benefit from the exceptional material properties:

  • biotechnological production process
  • pure cellulose
  • mechanical stability
  • thermal stability up to 350°C
  • liquid absorption and retention capacity
  • biocompatibility
  • moisture content control
  • skin-friendly and soft interface
  • flexibility
  • material properties and form can be controlled during biosynthesis


Are you interested in JeNaCell to offer our products as a partner or a specialist for our high-quality products or the exciting and attractive possibilities?


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