November 13, 2017: Many patients discontinue their therapy if the post treatment cannot relief the pain significantly. What are your observations concerning this matter?

Prof. Vanscheidt: If the aftereffects of a treatment, which comprises several treatment days, are too painful, this often leads the patient to abort the therapy. The patient is looking for another doctor what means a loss of the patient for us. That is why a pleasant and effective post-treatment of high quality is very important and indispensable for good patient-relationship and patient satisfaction.
For patients, it is also a major issue to be able to participate quickly in social life again instead of hiding oneself due to facial redness and swellings. They want to have an extensive service and are willing to pay for this service, too. In many cases the patient actually stops the therapy if a treatment session causes great pain afterwards. In response to the suffering, the patient sometimes consults another physician. That is why an efficient and comfortable post-treatment of high quality is vitally important for patient-relationship and patient satisfaction.

Prof. Vanscheidt, you already brought up epi nouvelle+ naturelle. What makes this product stand out?

Prof. Vanscheidt: After dermatological treatments, the affected skin is often irritated and swollen. The patient suffers from the physical pain and the mental stress. I advise my patients to soothe the treated skin by cooling and moistening it with water.
Because of its extremely high-water content of approximately 95 % epi nouvelle+ has excellent cooling attributes at a constant level for a really long time. In Addition, the product is produced in Germany under the terms of high quality standards. For these reasons, I think that epi nouvelle+ naturelle is the best choice for post-treatment. A product with those characteristics, which soothes the skin in such an accurate and effective way, did not exist previously. Up to now, it was therefore not possible to reduce tension and redness as quickly as it is now with epi nouvelle+ naturelle.

Why do you recommend precisely epi nouvelle+ naturelle instead of any other product?

Prof. Vanscheidt: A product like this, with all its properties, did not exist so far. epi nouvelle+naturelle soothes the skin purposively and effective. Tension and redness are quickly reduced. This has not yet been possible.

How do your patients react to the new product?

Prof. Vanscheidt:
Most of my patients had a feeling of curiosity mixed with skepticism before they tried epi nouvelle+naturelle. This makes sense if you consider the fact that epi nouvelle+ naturelle is still only little spread over Germany. However, after the first treatment they were totally convinced by epi nouvelle+naturelle. Now, my patients ask specifically for the product.



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JeNaCell stands for innovative biomaterials

The production is based on a unique technology for continuous production of high-performance fine-structured biomaterials. Benefit from the exceptional material properties:

  • biotechnological production process
  • pure cellulose
  • mechanical stability
  • thermal stability up to 350°C
  • liquid absorption and retention capacity
  • biocompatibility
  • moisture content control
  • skin-friendly and soft interface
  • flexibility
  • material properties and form can be controlled during biosynthesis


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