December 14, 2017: In the city, the Christmas markets spread their Christmas scent of mulled wine and gingerbread. We are in a festive mood and enjoy the pre-Christmas season to the fullest. 

The most beautiful is the taste of Feuerzangenbowle. We enjoy the lighting and dipping of the sugar loaf. The combination of caramelized sugar, strong wine and smoky rum create a wonderful taste, a treat. That's why we have a great recipe for you for a Feuerzangenbowle. The recipe is enough for 8 servings and is ready to drink in 15 minutes.


1 orange, (untreated)
1 lemon, (untreated)
2 cinnamon sticks
4 capsules of star anise
2 cloves
2 dry red wine
375 ml rum, (54%)
1 sugarloaf, (250 g)


Peel the lemon and orange thinly. Squeeze juice and pour through a sieve into a saucepan. Add bowls, cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves and red wine. Heat everything, but do not boil. Heat the rum lightly.
Put a sugar loaf over the pot on the fire tongs, drizzle with some rum and light. Before extinguishing the flame, add a ladle to the rum. Serve the Feuerzangenbowle in punch glasses.


December 12, 2017: In the current issue of the journal Aesthetic Dermatology you will find a great report by Dr. med. Ev-Charlott Walter (practice dermatology at Savignyplatz) on the excellent post-treatment with epi nouvelle + naturelle at Microneedling.

We are excited about your positive feedback and the great results. You'll also find a nice article about our outstanding win at Falling Walls Venture. We are very proud of our new title "Science Start-Up of the Year 2017".

Read here the complete article.

Click here and read more about Falling Walls Venture. 


November 20, 2017: The year comes to an end. Now the planning for the New Year and the big party begins. The annual question comes up again - where is the best party for the New Year?

Finde here more informations


November 14, 2017: We are in the OTZ with an article about our incredible win by Falling Walls Venture 2017 in Berlin.

(Picture: OTZ 14.11.2017)


November 13, 2017: Many patients discontinue their therapy if the post treatment cannot relief the pain significantly. What are your observations concerning this matter?

Prof. Vanscheidt: If the aftereffects of a treatment, which comprises several treatment days, are too painful, this often leads the patient to abort the therapy. The patient is looking for another doctor what means a loss of the patient for us. That is why a pleasant and effective post-treatment of high quality is very important and indispensable for good patient-relationship and patient satisfaction.
For patients, it is also a major issue to be able to participate quickly in social life again instead of hiding oneself due to facial redness and swellings. They want to have an extensive service and are willing to pay for this service, too. In many cases the patient actually stops the therapy if a treatment session causes great pain afterwards. In response to the suffering, the patient sometimes consults another physician. That is why an efficient and comfortable post-treatment of high quality is vitally important for patient-relationship and patient satisfaction.

Read more: Interview with Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Vanscheidt

November 7, 2017: Christmas is coming. Cookies, a punch and the cozy Christmas days with the family. Christmas is great.

Buy your gifts early. Otherwise there is a lot of stress. So it is easy to avoid hectic and long waiting times.

If you cannot make it on time, epi nouvelle + naturelle will help you with regeneration and recovery.

The Christmas countdown is on:


November 1, 2017: We are proud participant of Falling Walls Venture 2017. Falling Walls Venture takes place every year. 20 leading academic institutes and venture capitalists can introduce their outstanding companies. It involves top companies from all over the world, such as from Canada, Belgium, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. We are one of these excellent companies.

On November 8, all finalists will present their concept of the Falling Walls Venture to a jury and audience in 5 minutes. At the Falling Walls Conference, on the 9th of November, the winner can present again.

We are looking forward to this big and fantastic event.


October 25, 2017: Our Hautzentrum Hildesheim is a well-known institution due to its extraordinary expertise.

We focus on treating diseases in the fields of operative dermatology, allergology, laser dermatology therapy as well as aesthetic medicine. It is very important to us to offer qualified services to our patients and to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Immediately after many laser treatments and aesthetic procedures we use the masks of epi nouvelle+ naturelle, because we observed that epi nouvelle+ naturelle significantly supports and accelerates the regeneration of the skin.

The perfect penetration of moisture into the skin and the constant cooling effect of optimal temperature supports the skin during regeneration and reduces the regeneration time significantly.

Read more: Hautzentrum Hildesheim about epi nouvelle+ naturelle

October 20, 2017: The dermatology practice with know-how and with a feel-good character:

in the heart of Münster Dr. med. Kai Rezai has not just a successful dermatology practice. He promises a far better performance: your total satisfaction with your body. Whether thread lifting or Botox, every aesthete offered here a professional beauty-program. Dr. med. Rezai inspire his patients with best advice and beautiful results every single day.

Not only among experts Dr. Rezai pass for renowned specialist in dermatology, allergology and aesthetic dermatology. Besides his colleagues and patients, he is also known by the general public: he informed regularly in TV reports from popular TV channels about experience with new treatment options and assist with technical knowledge and sensitivity the patient by dermatological treatments.

His services are versatile: he offered alongside classic dermatological treatments, Botox treatments, during wrinkle treatments, blepharoplasty, laser therapies, tattoo removal and many more. Due to his openness for new products and innovations, Dr. Rezai is one of the first dermatologists which epi nouvelle+ naturelle integrated in his treatment concept – because it is suitable for many dermatological treatments as an after-treatment and show reliable good results.

Read more: The dermatology practice whom they trust

October 17, 2017: My name is Laura, I am 26 years old and I currently studying business administration for natural scientists at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. I would collect practical experiences before my graduation of Master program.

I have been looking for an internship in the business topics and find the internship by JeNaCell in the field of marketing and communication. After a first discovering with Georg Machnik, I thought so that the company consistent with me and my convictions.

After I first started with small tools and I could soon sniff into different fields of the daily life at JeNaCell. So, I get to know tasks in the areas of the management, distribution as well as in the accounting, purchase and production.

The flat hierarchy and the open communication advantaged that I assume fast responsibility and assist the team in the national and international areas. Very soon I keep contact with customers and partners in Spain, Russian, Korea and many more.

Even if it was sometimes stressful, at JeNaCell all was taken with humor and with a cool head quickly and confidently searched for solutions.

At the end of my internship I would like to thank by all for the good cooperation and I wish the team that continues the success story.


October 16, 2017: Everywhere were snuffed and coughed, there are the recurring common cold phase.

In this time, it is better to avoid the handshake with your friends and colleges, to don’t transmit a possible virus. Because the mucous membranes easily assimilate germs, you should reduce the contact of your hands with your face. Wash your hands more often and thoroughly, for about 20 seconds and don’t forget the part between the fingers! A strong immune system helps much against a cold. Therefore, you should take lot vitamins and move often or do sport.

If you caught a cold, you should cough into the bend of the arm and use a handkerchief only once. Perfect by sniffles are steam bath with chamomile tea and rinse nose with saline solution. To bring the fever down, you should drink hot elderflowers tea with honey and eat hot chicken soup. Despite everything you should your symptoms clarify with a doctor!


Oktober 10, 2017: Autumn holidays are in Germany and this means that you can relaxing. So, you can pick chestnuts on a sunny autumn day and later you can craft figures out of chestnuts with the children or just you go for a walk in colorful foliage and enjoy the fresh air.

Representative for the wonderful paths in Germany, we would like to recommend you the Sehringer Rundweg in Schwarzwald. Start is at the Schlosspark Badenweiler and then you go through the forest towards Sehringen. From there you can get to Lipberg. The six-kilometer-long path had many welcoming places with amazing views. After finished the tour you treat yourself a portion homemade Spätzle with a glass of typical wine from the region, for example the Badenweiler Gutedel Kabinett dry.

Who the autumn days are too dark, wet or cold, there escape the weather and travel to warmer places. In these areas, it is important for the skin that you protected it from the sun and the correct after-treatment. epi nouvelle+ naturelle is especially suitable for the recovery of the skin, then the high moisture content and the constant cooling helps the skin to calm down.


October 4, 2017: On Saturday, we were a part of the competence seminar of the AADI in Darmstadt. Besides our stand we are involved by two workshops from Dr. Kai Rezai – Ästhetische Dermatologie Münster.

It was a very successful event.

We are glad to have met so many partners and new contacts.


September 21, 2017: In Munich now starts the largest folk festival of the world: the Oktoberfest. In Germany, it is a real national amusement what can be seen from the many small folk festivals looking and feeling similar to the Oktoberfest.

At the same time, the annual Altstadtfest takes place in Jena. By drinking a Jeaner beer you can really enjoy the early autumn sun and just focus on having a good time. Besides that, there are a special musical program, a large fair and many culinary specialities.

We look forward to this exciting event and wish you a relaxed and joyful time with friends and family.

Find out more:

(Photo: JenaKultur, Andreas Hub)



(Pictures: Ästhetische Dermatologie (5/2017)

September 14, 2017: In the current issue of Ästhetische Dermatologie you will find a brief introduction of our Sales Manager Georg Machnik.

Dr. Moers Carpi from hautok then gives a brief report on how the use of epi nouvelle+ naturelle enabled substantial time saving and increased patient satisfaction at her practice in Munich.

The patients and also the team are very happy about that.

We think this article is well worth reading!

View the full article at our Facebook page: 

Click and read the article of the Ästhetischen Dermatologie.


(photo source: Hardo Müller)

September 9, 2017: During these times, the first leaves fall from the trees and it cannot be denied anymore that the days are getting shorter bit by bit. Autumn is coming. And the beginning of autumn is traditionally accompanied by new wine and onion tart.

Because it is much easier to handle the end of summer by enjoying a piece of onion tart while still lukewarm.

For that reason, we have a simply and very delicious receive for you:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Traditional Onion Tart                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


 For pastry:                                           For filling:

450 g flour                                           800 g onions

220 ml water                                       200 g bacon

50 g butter                                          1 tablespoon oil

1 sachet dry yeast                                 3 eggs

A pinch of salt, sugar                            200 ml crème fraîche or heavy cream

                                                          250 g cheese

                                                          salt, nutmeg, pepper


Blend together flour, dry yeast, sugar and salt in a bowl. Add the water in the centre and the soft butter and knead everything well. Chill the dough for 30 minutes.
In the meantime, mash the eggs and the cream with a blender und add salt, nutmeg and pepper for seasoning.
Turn out the mixture onto a lightly floured surface and place it on a baking sheet. Press the edges up.
Cut the onions and the bacon into small cubes and fry everything with oil in the pan. Then remove the frying pan from the heat and add the egg mixture. Taste and season if you like.
Pour the filling into the pastry and cover everything with cheese.
Bake in the pre-heated oven at 200°C for approx. 30 minutes and enjoy the onion tart lukewarm drinking a glass of federweisser.


September 4, 2017: An interview with Georg Machnik, our Sales Manager at JeNaCell

(Picture: Georg Machnik)

Mr. Machnik, you supervise the network of dermatologistis, clients and distributors at JeNaCell. How do the feedback from the market turns out?

Machnik: epi nouvelle+ naturelle is the perfect product for care after dermatological surgeries. The field of application is quite broad, it involves laser treatments, aesthetic procedures and in general plastic-aesthetic surgery. Within all that we can calm down the skin excellently by the unique moisture level, the constantly und long-lasting cooling and by the waiving of additives and preservatives.

The patients are very happy about this effective solution of post-treatment. Quickly they are able to join professional and social life again. Also, the doctors are pleased that they can offer this well-working post-treatment to their patients. Our cooperating practice teams appreciate epi nouvelle+ naturelle because of its easy, effective and charming nature und the considerable time saving.
We have a good atmosphere within the group. We're all not only in the same boat, but also pulling in one direction. We have simply good chemistry between us.

What can we expect in 2018?

Machnik: Currently, we are internationally very active, for example in Russia, South Korea, China and Europe. We want to build on that in a strong way. We highly focus on Social Media, PR and Events, here we have creative new ideas and updates. We would like to hire new employees and I don't wish to give too much away here, but we are preparing new exciting product innovations. In 2018, we want to support a social project and commit strongly in the region. Of course, we are always open to any suggestions and ideas.

Mr. Machnik, thank you for your time.


August 28, 2017: An interview given by Dr. Runnebaum

Machnik: What is the main focus of your work?

Dr. Runnebaum: The main performance focus lies on aesthetic medicine. We offer a variety of therapeutic options to diminish the signs of skin aging. Currently, we are highly focused on the improvement of post-treatment after those treatments.

Machnik: What is important about the post-treatment?

Dr. Runnebaum: The shock is really big when patients recognize aftereffects like swellings and skin irritations after treatment. Pain and irritations of the skin can be many times reduced by an efficient post-treatment.

Machnik: What kind of products do you mean specifically?

Dr. Runnebaum: The moisturizing masks of epi nouvelle+ naturelle left an especially positive impression. These masks have a long-lasting cooling effect. They relief the pain as well as they reduce swellings and redness that arise from the dermatological or aesthetic surgery. By the use of epi nouvelle+ naturelle we are well equipped to make the time after treatment for the patients more convenient. I can only recommend it to everyone.

Dr. Runnebaum, many thanks for sharing your expert knowledge with us.

You find the entire interview at

Picture: Dr. Marion Runnebaum, Specialist of Dermatology


August 18, 2017: Dr. Kunzi-Rapp demonstrated at Universitätsklinik Ulm that after fractionated laser treatment of age-related skin-changes epi nouvelle + naturelle helps cooling the skin very effectively.

“Because the epidermis is not fully closed after fractionated laser treatments there is still a risk of infection. Also, a feeling of tightness and burning occurs at the skin. The application of epi nouvelle + naturelle ensures a smooth-running cooling and strong protection of the skiin against wound infection. The crust formation is significantly reduced. One mask every day should be applied for a period of 2 to 3 days.”

You will find the related statement at our website:

 Picture: Dr. Karin Kunzi-Rapp, Specialist of Dermatology


August, 15 2017: Visit our Website and learn more about epi nouvelle+ naturelle, find out about useful application tips and have a look at all the advanced expert knowledge.


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JeNaCell stands for innovative biomaterials

The production is based on a unique technology for continuous production of high-performance fine-structured biomaterials. Benefit from the exceptional material properties:

  • biotechnological production process
  • pure cellulose
  • mechanical stability
  • thermal stability up to 350°C
  • liquid absorption and retention capacity
  • biocompatibility
  • moisture content control
  • skin-friendly and soft interface
  • flexibility
  • material properties and form can be controlled during biosynthesis


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